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The ideas we receive for applications, web sites and mashups using Warwickshire open data will be listed on this page. If you want to enter an idea send it to

The best idea, as chosen by a panel of WCC staff and industry experts on 9th July will win an iPod shuffle, kindly provided by Yahoo!

Walk This Way, Talk This Way (but not to strangers)

by Kate Sahota

My idea is for an application using the locations of the school crossing patrols (due to be published very soon), zebra crossings, pelican crossings and pedestrian crossings. Give the application your postcode and the school your child goes to, and it will calculate the safest route for your child to walk to school.

4 Responses to Give us an idea

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  3. Kate, good idea. I recently went to a school open day at a local school and they were droning on about how walking to school was encouraged. So your application could be used by the schools and a route can be planned and issued to the children when they are inducted to the school.


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