App Gallery

A showcase for applications that have been developed using Warwickshire Open Data

Warwickshire Waste Visualisations

Created By: Chris Jones

Description: Provides a visual analysis of the types of waste processed by Warwickshire Recycling Centres over a six year period. Data can be viewed in a number of different ways and filtered by a specific locationto show trends over time for different areas of the county.


Warwickshire Historic Environment

Created By:  David Brown

Description: A web application at that uses the archaeological data released recently from the Warwickshire Historical Environment Record.

The application lets you select the class of items (buildings, monuments, and/or find-spots), and type, location, and/or keyword which are used to do simple string-matching to retrieve a bunch of items.  These are shown on a map as clusters or clickable icons which then show an information box.  Full details of an item can then be shown by clicking in the information box.  There’s even a link to the WCC TimeTrail page for the item.

Specific items by record number can be located, as can all items within an OS Grid square of 1km, 10km or 100km. It uses Google Maps with the usual road, satellite and hybrid choices, and an historical map based on out-of-copyright OS maps from 1913-1947 is also selectable.


Warwickshire Mobile Library Routes (Beta Version)

Created by: Terry Rich-Whitehead

Description: By selecting Warwickshire and choosing a date from the calendar, you can see the planned mobile library routes and stops for that particular day.


Warwickshire School Crossing Patrols

Created By: Stuart Wright

Description: It is powered by Yahoo Pipes and brings together the school and school crossing patrol datasets, allowing the user to search for any nearby crossings at a chosen school.


Sustainable Environment Data Mashup

Created By: Daniel Knell

Description: “Its a YUI/YQL/Yahoo Maps based mashup of some of the sustainable environment data sets into graphs and maps for easier interpretation.”


Warwickshire in Colour

Created By: Jonathan Moules

Description: This page will allow you to create maps using statistical data from the Warwickshire Open Data site.
For a simple map, just select data to mapify, choose a colour scale you like the look of, then press Create Map and you’re away.


Warwickshire Libraries: New Releases

Created by: Lewis Wagner

Description: The page shows all newly added books to Warwickshire libraries and displays more information about each book when clicking the book title.


Warwickshire Wired

Created By: Matt Hawthorne

Description: “The frontpage is a mashup of news from different organisations including Warwickshire CC. The Wired TV is a mashup of Warwickshire CC, Enjoy Warwickshire & Warwick District Council Vids from YouTube. The framework will also take Vimeo vids.” More at:


Warwickshire Reality View

Created By: Marv Johnson

Description: “The application is a simple geolocated map and listing function but which uniquely allows users to view a live augmented reality version of the data via the users iPhone & Android mobile phones. Think of how Arnie in the ‘Terminator’ viewed the real world but with digital information overlaid giving him name, address, directions, distance all in relation to his current position. Another way of describing the app is to think of a mobile SatNav system that uses a real-time camera view instead of tired old graphics and googlemaps to display Points of Interest (POI’s) depicted as graphical icons.”


iTunes Appstore link:

iPhone link: layar://warhack

Android link

Warwickshire Tip Finder

Created By: Stuart Harrison

Description: “I’ve used the recycling centres dataset, together with a bit of screen scraping, so you can search by materials accepted, as well as see the opening hours.”


School Viewer Application

Created By: Julian Sullivan

Description: It pulls in some of the education datasets to display context for a selected school. More info on the open data community.


Warwickshire School Admissions

Created By: Chris Jones

Description: The purpose is to link the Warwickshire schools and the admission dataset’s together to provide a more graphical visualisation of the data using Google maps. More info about this app on the open data community


Bridge Height and Weight App

Created By Terry Rich-Whitehead

Description: This web based application uses the Warwickshire bridge height  restrictions data and the Warwickshire bridge weight restriction which is displayed via Google maps. More info on the bridge app on our open data community.


Warwickshire Schools Yahoo! Pipe

Created By Graham Hyde

Description: Info on the development of this Pipe and links to further work can be found on our open data community


Mapping election results using Warwickshire open election data and OS Boundary Line

Created By Steve Woodward

Description: My entry is an extension of the work I was doing representing the election data; it adds in the Ordnance Survey Boundary Line data to show the county council election results on a Google Map. More info…


Universal Calendar showing What’s On around Warwickshire, including Districts and Boroughs

Created By Rafez Noorullah

Description: Get involved and get active. All Cultural, Social and Council events are displayed as an Agenda and as a single CalendarHave also included a new Events iCalendar feed, which includes all of our events but in iCal format.

More info…


Putting Warwickshire Libraries on the Map

Created By: @ostephens

Description: A Yahoo! Pipes project to map WCC libraries, an excellent write-up is here


Warwickshire Information – Interactive map of the libraries, parks, museums and schools

Created By: Chris Heilmann

Description: Here you can find out all about the libraries, parks, museums and schools around Warwickshire. There are some step-by-step instructions, an excellent screencast and a nice video demoing the site.


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  5. John says:

    Some way of reporting dead or broken links would be good. The bridge height and weight app is no more I fear…. One of the drawbacks of ‘The Big Society’ is the way that voluntary activity can just suddenly disappear!!

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  10. Greetings from Australia. You helped me with my university assignment. Thank so much.

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