Things are moving along nicely…

We have not been idle of the last three months.  The Advocates are in place and ready to start blogging and uploading datasets.  The publishers are now able to access Open Data email and are uploading information in the form of reports and articles onto the relevant websites and linking these to the raw datasets that can be used and reused by those interested enough.

The one we are following closely is the Equality and Diversity data, should be published by 31st January by our publisher Matt Hawthorne.

Warwickshire has also successfully recruited a new GIS Manager who will eventually be the contact point for Open Data in Warwickshire, his details will be published in time, once we have inducted and prepared him sufficiently.

About Ria Porter
ICT project manager at Warwickshire County Council. Have many years experience of finance and education before the move to ICT, so far so good

One Response to Things are moving along nicely…

  1. Dr Mike Sanderson says:

    I have been very impressed with Warwickshire’s philosophy on open data. I am acting as the Evidence Base officer in the production of Tysoe’s Neighbourhood Plan. WCC’s open data is very useful in this exercise. This is a public (not commercial activity).
    The NP is about development across all aspects of our community including the natural habitat. However I am finding a reluctance from the Habitat Biodiversity Audit team (Warwickshire Historic and Natural Environment unit) about use of their species data. This data is within QGIS (an open source product!) but is using Ordnance Survey detailed mapping, which makes copyright a grey area. Perhaps the species data should be against a non copyrighted backdrop if this is the issue?
    Has anyone at WCC produced a policy statement for the NP movement that sets out a consistent approach to the NP community for all WCC data products? (I expect a large number of parishes will find WCC open data valuable in producing their NPs.
    Our Parish Council clerk could sign a single OdbL for example.
    Mike Sanderson, Tysoe

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