App Gallery Launched With Bacon Sarnie Showdown

There are many, many books on management theory and motivation techniques, but if you want to get the best out of a group of ICT developers I have now discovered that your best bet is to give them a slight chance of winning a bacon sandwich.

To stock our new App Gallery, I offered the applications strategy team the chance of winning said sandwich for the person who submitted what their peers considered to be the best example using a source from our open data site.

After some rapid brainstorming and development, the chaps came up with several examples which you can peruse on this very site, using the App Gallery link at the top of the page. Chris Jones was a landslide winner for his clever use of school admissions data to show a notional catchment boundary for WCC education establishments on his Warwick Schools Admission Information app. This has been a labour of love for Chris and he won’t mind me saying that he was really quite emotional about winning, although punching the air and shouting “In your face” at the other finalists wasn’t very sporting.

There is a load of information and discussion on all of these initial projects on our Warwickshire Open Data Community, we are all looking forward to Hack Warwickshire starting on Monday and hope that these quick initial apps give everyone some inspiration or ideas to build on over the next six weeks.

Finally huge thanks to Sue and Estelle at Warwick’s world famous and cunningly named “Coffee Shop” for supporting innovation in Local Government by sponsoring this event with a bacon sandwich and a can of coke for the winner. Pop in and see them if you are a fan of quality lunches and service (occasionally) with a smile.

The World Famous Coffee Shop


About Jim Morton
Applications Architect at Warwickshire County Council. Often late. Never tidy. Film bore. Naive cyclist. Dodgy t-shirt enthusiast.

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