We’re officially open for business

Despite the fact that it has been available for the last week or so the WCC open data site has now been officially launched by an official WCC announcement involving a pun, described officially as “awful”.

Now things are properly kicked off we will be taking a number of steps to grow the site and make it more useful over the coming weeks.

  1. Adding more data: Behind the scenes we are working with the authority to liberate a wide range of public information and ensure it is available in open formats. There will soon be data available on areas such as school exclusions, traffic, car parking, council buildings and WCC finance.
  2. Providing alternative formats: Just ironing out a few small problems and then we will be able to provide static data sets in multiple formats (CSV, XML and XLS).
  3. Introducing more dynamic data feeds and web services: this is part of our broader applications strategy approach (more at http://abigbang.wordpress.com) which is about the deployment of re-usable web services wherever possible for both internal and external application and processes. One key area will be making use of our GIS data now that it appears the rules around making OS derived data available are relaxing.
  4. Building a community: This will form part of the main open data site and will focus on feedback about the data available, providing a route for requesting new data or changes plus a showcase for web sites and applications that make use of any of the information we have published. Any thoughts on how such a community should function are welcome, either here or via opendata@warwickshire.gov.uk.

We are really happy with how things have gone so far and it was great to see the first example of something built using our data, a Yahoo! Pipes project at: http://www.meanboyfriend.com/overdue_ideas/2010/04/putting-warwickshire-libraries-on-the-map/ – hopefully the first of many.


About Jim Morton
Applications Architect at Warwickshire County Council. Often late. Never tidy. Film bore. Naive cyclist. Dodgy t-shirt enthusiast.

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