Coming Soon…

This blog is part of the forthcoming Warwickshire Open Data initiative being run by the ICT Strategy team in Warwickshire County Council.

The point of this work is to provide a single point where anyone can get hold of raw data and web services from the authority. We hope this will lead to new levels of transparency as well as providing the building blocks for those who would like to build web sites and applications that use and analyse our data.

The technical work is nearing completion and we are working with our colleagues inside the organisation to find and expose numerous sets of information – a limited set will be available at launch which will steadily increase over the coming months.

As part of our work to publicise this initiative we will also be holding a “Hack Warwickshire” competition, which will challenge everyone to come up with new and innovative uses for our data and web services. More information on this will be available once the open data site is up and running.

Please check back for more updates in the next couple of weeks, we hope to have the site up and running in early April, until then if you have any questions, please contact us at – or you could visit our ICT Strategy blog at


About Jim Morton
Applications Architect at Warwickshire County Council. Often late. Never tidy. Film bore. Naive cyclist. Dodgy t-shirt enthusiast.

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